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Today, Sunday, January 15, 2017, is a very special day in the history of Slovenia.

It was exactly 25 years ago when Slovenia received a series of international recognitions and thus fixed its position on the world map forever. It was a thrilling time that is still felt like that and its memory is alive as ever.

But also the year as such was something special – among others because Slovenija and Macedonia mutually established diplomatic relations. Slovenia was then the first state to open its Embassy in Skopje, while the first Macedonian Embassy was opened precisely in Ljubljana. These facts are nowadays already part of diplomatic history, but nevertheless remain with us.

We celebrated both anniversaries, both twenty five years jubilees, on previous Friday, January 13, with the opening of the photographic exhibition about »lipicanci« in the NLB Gallery in the city center. Lipicanec (Lipica horse) is a special breed of a horse that has been brought up already for half a millennium in a place called Lipica in the southwestern Slovenia, by careful and skilled Slovene hands that are closely connected with nature. The author of the exhibition is Ms. Alenka Slavinec, the esteemed photographer, creative mind and master of visual communication, known worldwide.

This was the first event in the series of twenty five with which we will celebrate both anniversaries country wide. We will travel and visit cities all around to bring diplomacy, business and culture, produce vibrations as well as create opportunities. Inspired by past we reach out to future.

Cordially welcome to join us!

Prof. Milan Jazbec, PhD


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